Produced by Katie Crook
Directed and written by David Lumsden
Director of photography: Krish Shrikumar

The world is covered with water. Charlie (Owen Gorman) and his son (Jake Wilson) are aboard their small dinghy, sailing above the drowned streets of Edinburgh, searching for a home they may never find. Plagued by memories, nightmares and hallucinations, we begin to wonder what it is that Charlie’s looking for – and whether he’ll ever find it.

Boat is a short CGI-meets-live-action film about a very personal apocalypse in the vein of The Road. It’s a complex story that needed to be told simply, so I knew that it would also have to be visually extraordinary. I worked closely with David from the outset to make sure I understood his vision, working through the script and storyboard to break down the scenes and produce a photography plan for each. For me, the greatest satisfaction came from creating images from scratch that had, until then, existed only in the director’s mind.




Date & Time

August 31, 2011