Seeing Differently (2011)


A thoughtful collaboration of dance and film. The story of the transformation of dance from its roots to the modern stage through the eyes of an Indian dancer.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Reviews

“Moving On (Seeing Differently) also includes short film by Krish Shrikumar and finally here is a company that is able to mix media both sensitively and successfully. Close ups of a female dancer fierce concentration in her eyes serve to show the rigours of training. This is matched on stage by the company as they follow the same strict steps, clearly referencing their roots in traditional dance. Meanwhile black and white photos of an old India interrupt this story, each one a reminder of the journey this classic art has undertaken as the photos link in some way to movement, such as the one taken through a bus window. And finally Edinburgh appears on screen as the female dancer emerges with trepidation into blinding light. Unsure of her way she eventually finds inspiration on the street as choreography is shared between dancers on screen and stage.”
by Ruth Christie @ The Skinny

“Director Krish Shrikumar’s film Seeing Differently gives an insight into the mind of an Indian dancer in training. Dance in the film is reflected or amplified by the dance on stage which makes for a show that is intelligent as well as visually appealing.”
by Daph Karoulla @ The Skinny




Date & Time

August 31, 2016